Мишка Fall 2012 Lookbook [Teaser Video]

All of the Chicago-based artists and friends featured in this video are dressed to the nines with Мишка’s Fall 2012 Collection, which is chock full of everything you could need for the season, from jackets heavy and light, numerous button ups in flannel and otherwise, hats of the snapback, fitted, and pom variety, a hodgepodge of accessories, and of course – as always – all the graphic tees your heart desires. All that and even more is coming your way sooner than soon with our Fall 2012 Collection.

Video Shot & Edited by Cornelius Kite | https://twitter.com/FLYKITEMEDIA

Music: ShowYouSuck – All Love Everything


The Hood Internet | http://www.thehoodinternet.com

BBU! | http://www.facebook.com/itsBBU

ShowYouSuck | http://showyousuck.bandcamp.com

Auggie the 9th | https://twitter.com/A9ER

Manny Muscles | https://twitter.com/sirMannyMuscles

Molly Soda | http://mollysoda.tumblr.com

ClaireyPear | http://claireypear.tumblr.com

Supreme Cuts | http://www.facebook.com/supcuts

Teen Witch | http://twitter.com/6teen6witch6

Ultrademon | https://es.twitter.com/ultrademon

Zombelle | http://www.facebook.com/ZOMBELLE

The-Drum | http://soundcloud.com/the-drum

Sich Mang | http://soundcloud.com/sichmang

Tree G | https://twitter.com/mctreeg

My Gold Mask | http://www.mygoldmask.com

LOL Boys | http://soundcloud.com/lolboys

Hollywood Holt | http://www.hollywoodholt.com

Jason Hoodrich | https://twitter.com/jasonhoodrich


Lookbook Shot by Todd Diederich | http://www.beodddierich.com
Produced by Michael Cohn | https://twitter.com/BadmanShark

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